About us

Every day, we work to offer Argentineans innovative credit solutions.
We are Tarjetas Regionales, a holding which gathers Argentinean credit companies. It is the result of a partnership made up of credit card, financial, consumer credit companies, and a collection company.


We are inspired by our culture centred on people, which makes the difference. Our 20 years experience and leadership in the Argentinean market gives us know-how of the sector and we have developed a close relationship with our clients. This translates into a quality and kind service for our Clients, Team Members and Shareholders.

about us

To accomplish such goals, we have built a dynamic and compact working team, who have have continuous and fluent communication among the company managers. This allows us to exchange ideas and evaluate the best alternatives in the current financial and economic context, to meet our clients’ needs and requirementsand to apply technological innovation to improve our services.
We look for state-of-the-art solutions. We invest in our team’s know-how and we provide flexible management to research, identify and make incursions in businesses which might contribute to or develop our main activities. This not only involves our own Tarjetas Regionales projects but also strategic alliances which might help us expand the business.

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