Our Strategy

We – at Tarjetas Regionales – meet the premise of a quality and kind service. We are inspired by a specific business strategy, oriented by our mission and vision of who we are and where we want to be. See how we can guide you.



ur objective is to own leading companies which provide assistance and customer services in the Argentinean medium and low income segment market, focused. Our values motivate us to grow. We look for companies which offer quality and dynamic services as well as offers and promotions which go the extra mile. We aim at getting closer to people, that is why we aim at companies with unconditional acceptance and a high level of recognition, not only by their clients but also by the commercial network and the public in general. Our objective? To obtain a permanent interaction to satisfy all the aspects of credit demands and changing transactions in the current market.



veryone at Tarjetas Regionales share the same inspiring perspective. We want our companies to adopt an attitude of leadership and growth as their main goals, always meeting the current regulations as well as the ethics and honesty principles in all of our social and commercial relationships.
Besides, we believe that it is utterly to offer efficient and quality services and we want our clients and employees to be happy. Therefore, through our work, we look for acceptance of the different audiences we target at. We invite you to know the Values which motivate us